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    Posted on 29 Sep 2015

    A 17-Year-Old Built A Bridge So That Underprivileged Kids Could Get To School Safely

    Looks like there's hope for the world yet.

    Eshan Balbale, a Mumbai student studying commerce, constructed a bridge in Sathe Nagar, Mumbai, to allow children in the area safe access to their school.

    Eshan Balbale

    Until last month, the students living there had to cross a sewage-infested canal to get to school.

    Eshan Bulbale

    After seeing the conditions that these kids faced, Balbale built a 4-foot wide and 100-foot long bamboo bridge.

    Eshan Balbale

    "I started the project on August 20. Until last month, the children of Sathe Nagar had to wade through a foul-smelling nullah in order to get to school," Balbale told BuzzFeed.

    Eshan Balbale

    "Crossing the nullah came with risks such as skin infections, malaria, dengue and other diseases. I felt terrible when I saw the children wade through the disgusting sludge," he added.

    Balbale also explained that he received no help from the governing bodies and had to do it all with the help of his NGO Nirbhay Yuva Pratishthan.

    Eshan Balbale

    According to Balbale, the project took eight days and the biggest hurdle was to make sure that the bridge could hold about 50 people at the same time.

    Eshan Balbale

    Balbale's next goal is to supply toilets in the same area; the BMC is reluctant to do so since the residents are undocumented.

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