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    Arjun Kapoor Was In "Neerja" And No One Noticed

    Best movie he's been in, tbh.

    Sonam Kapoor's latest film, Neerja, has been getting a lot of love from critics and viewers alike.

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    BUT, there's one tiny detail that you may have missed in the film. Sonam Kapoor's cousin, Arjun Kapoor, actually had a blink-and-you-miss-it appearance in the film.

    Arjun appears in the photo album that Shabana Azmi (Neerja's mom in the film) looks through.

    There he is right there, on the top left.

    Here's the original picture of the cousins when they were toddlers.

    You can check out the picture that shows up 12 seconds into the video:

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    H/t Bollywood Life.

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