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    Posted on 7 Jun 2016

    Anurag Kashyap Is Going ALL BALLS-OUT To Let Modi Know India's Censor Board Is Garbage

    "Teri keh ke lunga." - Anurag Kashyap to CBFC.

    Yesterday, the Central Board of Film Certification ordered over 89 cuts to the Anurag Kashyap-produced Udta Punjab, including refusal to approve any mention of Punjab, politics, or the upcoming elections.

    Balaji Motion Pictures

    And Anurag Kashyap is not happy. AT ALL.

    Via Twitter: @anuragkashyap72

    Kashyap wrote, “I always wondered what it felt like to live in North Korea… Don’t even need to catch a plane now..”

    So he's gone straight to the top. He has brought this up with the PM of our country.

    In fact, Kashyap has been tweeting out for a while now about his unhappiness with the Central Board of Film Certification's decision.

    Even people trolling him didn't deter his mission of having his voice heard.

    Kashyap to CBFC:

    Viacom 18 Motion Pictures

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