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ANI News Just Apologised For Interviewing Their Own Reporter About Demonetisation

Shashank Tyagi was interviewed at a New Delhi tea stall and the news organisation only cited him as a "customer".

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On November 13, ANI News began a tweet thread outside a tea stall in New Delhi, where the owner was accepting online payments for the customers who didn't have cash on them.

Delhi: Tea stall owner in RK Puram now accepting online payments to help customers who are short of cash…


Many are citing it as Modi propaganda used to praise the PM's divisive move.

So @ANI_news, run by Modi propagandist @smitaprakash, has been posing its employees as random folks to praise demon…


When Reporter becomes Customer then It's no longer ANI news, Its ANY news. (2016)

BuzzFeed has reached out to ANI News for a comment, and is awaiting a response.

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