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Here's Why This Stunning Visual Of Goddess Kali Appeared On The Empire State Building

It was projected along with hundreds of images, including Cecil the lion, in an effort to spread awareness about a global cause.

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Recently, as part of an initiative meant to spark awareness of endangered species across the world, the Empire State Building in New York was lit up with a visual showcase.

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Getty Images

Cecil the lion was among the hundreds of endangered animals that appeared in the massive collection of artwork.

Kena Betancur / Getty Images

The last visual was the Hindu goddess of time, Kali, captured by artist Android Jones and the visuals were conducted by Obscura Digital.

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The images were meant to inspire people around the world to talk about the extinction of some of the world's most majestic creatures and do their part.

The image of Kali was used because Android Jones wanted to provide a "fierce new avatar" in the fight against pollution, extinction, and the harm that Earth is enduring today.

Facebook: AndroidJonesart

And it struck a chord with a lot of Indians.

Goddess Kali projected onto New York's Empire State Building recently. Powerful!

Goddess Kali takes over the Empire State Building #art #NewYork

Maa Kali projection on New York's Empire state building ..stunning & beautiful. #DoWatch

Breathtaking & beautiful Empire state Building shows up glimpses of Maa kali. #Jai_maa_Kali #Jai_mata_Di.

When you hear mantras and see goddess Kali on empire state building. It is a very strong message about the future.

Goddess kali took over the empire state building yesterday in Newyork must say it looks breath taking. @Ma kali bhakt