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Actress Neha Dhupia Faced Sexist Attacks On Twitter After Criticising Modi's Governance

Here we go again.

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Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia took to Twitter to express her frustrations about the government's handling of Mumbai's monsoons.

Mumbaikars pls be warned traffic outside is terrible,roads r flooded the situation is getting worse by the minute. Step out only if u must!

One rain n the city comes to a standstill. Good governance is not about selfies n makin us do yoga,it's making sure ur citizens r safe.


Many of her detractors were enraged at her criticism of Prime Minister Modi.

@NehaDhupia Blame modi for BMC's years of ignorance .... Where is logic in that .?

All flop actresses like neha dhupia just to gain publicity put all crap against modi ji This is became trend to criticize modi 2 be popular

Neha Dhupia if roads of every state of Modi ji responsibility then why state Govt r dere ? Don't behave like dumb 4 cheap publicity...


And, of course, things got really sexist. Really fast.

@NehaDhupia good acting is not about removng ur clothes & having sex on camera, its about efficiently displaying emotions to the audience

Prostitute, slut, sex worker, anti-national, publicity seeker, low grade actor, paki lover like words coming your way Neha Dhupia.

Now even semi-porn stars like Neha Dhupia r advising how to govern

@NehaDhupia What is contribution to bollywood and society ? Doing B grade movies and fuck scenes for boys so as to make them masturbate with


Bitch try to respect prime minister of India he's not like u a whore

All those #GrowingUpAGirl, please vow to yourself, you will never become a filthy dumb fuck bimbo like Neha Dhupia!!

The actress's name quickly became amongst India's top ten trending topics on Twitter.

Trend Alert: 'Neha Dhupia'. More trends at #trndnl

This incident comes less than a month after actress Shruti Seth came under similarly vicious sexist attacks on Twitter, also for criticising Prime Minister Modi's governance.

"If you truly wish to empower women I urge you to condemn this kind of hatred being spread in your name," Seth went on to write in an open letter to Modi about the sexism she witnessed his supporters display.

Activist Kavita Krishnan also fell victim to widespread misogynistic cyber-attacks in the last month after she took to Twitter to denounce a Modi initiative.