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    A Transgender Woman Reportedly Removed Her Shirt In Protest After Getting Frustrated In An ATM Line

    She allegedly told a female police inspector that people didn't allow her to stand in the queue.

    On November 13, a transgender woman reportedly removed her shirt while waiting in an ATM line, as a sign of protest against the government's demonetisation plan.

    News18 India

    According to News18 India, the incident took place in New Delhi, and the security guard was the one to alert the police. Female officers soon arrived on the scene, and the woman was then taken to Ghazipur police station.

    After the police spoke to her, she was escorted to a nearby ATM and was able to withdraw money for herself within ten minutes.

    News18 India

    News18 India also reported that the police have given various statements regarding the incident.

    According to the news organisation, the Ghazipur police station's S.H.O. Ashok Kumar stated that people weren't allowing her to stand in the line. However, Kumar has since declined to comment further, stating that the incident did not take place in his jurisdiction and falls under New Ashok Nagar police station's purview.

    But that station's S.H.O., when asked to comment has now claimed no such incident had taken place.