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A Student Chose Priyanka Chopra For A Paper On Celebrity Culture 'Cause She's Breaking Stereotypes

"An Indian woman standing strong and not playing roles that are cliche and changing the norms of an Indian role in Hollywood."

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This is Akansha Panday. She is currently pursuing a bachelor of arts, majoring communication, and journalism at the University of Queensland.

In one of her courses, the latest assignment was on celebrity culture and their public image. Panday chose Priyanka Chopra as the subject of her paper.

Twitter: @PandayAkansha

"Each student in the class chooses a celebrity that they wanna analyse and work their way with the criteria of the assignment," Panday told BuzzFeed.

Here is an excerpt from Panday's paper:

"Celebrities make affiliations to the public and their fans in which they practice performing a bond making the process where they use language, words, cultural symbol, and conventions to make the audience feel what the celebrity is saying is their own view as well. In Priyanka's interview video of Time magazine, she says 'I had the worst self-esteem when I was young'. Being a celebrity Priyanka makes herself a role model for the youth which is a majority of her audience around the globe and the idea of making affiliation with the young audience provides a big ratio.

Creating intimacy with the audience by using the cultural background as a great way to portray an Indian woman standing strong in Hollywood and not playing roles that are cliché and changing the norms of an Indian role in Hollywood."