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A Sincere Ode To Vada Pav

"Indian burger" doesn't even begin to describe how amazing a vada pav really is.

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It's no secret that India has a wide variety of delicious treats that will make anyone's mouth water.

But when it comes to the best street food India has to offer, there's no competition. It's the gloriously humble vada pav.

This crispy fried patty made of spiced potatoes laying on pillowy, fresh pav is what carb cravings are made for.

And if that's not spicy enough for you, it also comes with a fiery red, garlic chutney.

Other add-ons include butter, cheese or sweet tamarind sauce for those who can't handle the spice.

Vada pav purists think it tastes best with a piping hot glass of cutting chai.

But TBF it tastes great with pretty much anything.

In fact, every vada pav, from literally any street hawker, tastes exquisite.

They never disappoint.

Once you've had a taste of these hot babies, it's the only craving you'll ever get.

They're so amazing that you will want to capture the moment before you start devouring the most amazing snack in the world.

BONUS: The most scrumptious snack is also the cheapest food you'll find in Mumbai.

At ₹10 a pop, it costs around $0.16. WOW.

At ₹10 a pop, it costs around $0.16. WOW.

Every Mumbaikar will stand for the fact that the vada pav is the best Maharashtra has to offer.


And rest assured, that any day beginning with a vada pav is a going to be an amazing one.

So if you haven't tried one yet, what the hell are you doing with your life.

Go forth and make the best decision you will ever make.