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    A “New York Times” Cartoon Shows India As An Elephant Blocking The Paris Climate Summit

    Oh, man.

    On December 6, The New York Times published this cartoon of an elephant labelled "India" blocking a train called "Paris Climate Summit".

    This @nytimes cartoon is about as balanced as their India editorials in general. #COP21

    The cartoon, entitled "India at the Paris Climate Conference" shows the elephant stopping the "climate train" in its tracks.

    At the Climate Change Conference in Paris, India and other developing nations chose to rethink their participation in a "Green Climate Fund" after doubting developed countries' commitment to doing their part.


    In other words: India (amongst other not-very-rich countries) is looking to make sure that they aren't stuck paying too much to end global warming while the United States (and other more-well-off countries) retain the option to not..

    The cartoon was illustrated by Heng, the same Singaporean artist who came under fire earlier this year for his cartoon about India's mission to Mars

    New York Times 'racist' cartoon about India's Mars mission @nytimes #UnfollowNYTimes

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