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A New Delhi Woman Live-Tweeted A Harrowing Uber Ride In Which She Feared For Her Safety

The matter is under investigation and the driver has been suspended by Uber.

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Banerjee alleged that during the ride, the driver threatened to throw her out, and so she started live-tweeting the entire incident directly to Uber India's Twitter handle.

Twitter: @PreethaBanerjee

Banerjee told BuzzFeed she was travelling without any cash on her, and hence didn't want to get off immediately. "Also, I didn't want to give in to his whims," she added, "and I felt I can do better than just getting off because he threatened me to even though I have paid the entire fare."


"When I asked him to talk properly, he brought up how I had said on the phone 'aap aa gaya?' instead of 'aagaye' and hence I have no manners. I don't speak proper Hindi and I can't make out the difference. I told him that and he still seemed quite ticked off," Banerjee told BuzzFeed.

Twitter: @Uber_India

"My only fear is that he could come back for me because he almost knows where I live and though I got off some distance away from my home, he kept standing there," she told BuzzFeed. "I noticed as I kept looking back while hurrying to my flat."

BuzzFeed has reached out to Uber India for a comment and is awaiting a reply.