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A South Indian TV Channel Aired The ENTIRE Pirated Version Of "Udta Punjab"

Not cool, guys.

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After battling with the Central Board For Film Certification, Anurag Kashyap's "Udta Punjab" was cleared to release on Friday. But on Wednesday, a copy of the film marked "For Censor" leaked online.

Via Facebook: anuragkashyap1972

Yesterday, one of the film's producers Anurag Kashyap uploaded a now massively viral Facebook post, urging people to not pirate Udta Punjab, and to at least wait till Saturday to decide.

Well, Puducherry-based local cable channel Shakthi TV has reportedly played the entire leaked copy of the film.

Via Twitter: @Suriya_offl

Although this isn't a new thing as local cable channels often play leaked prints, it comes right after an intense battle between the film's producers and the Central Board For Film Certification about cuts made in the film, and freedom of expression in India.

Tamil superstar Suriya Sivakumar tweeted condemning the channel.

Fight against Piracy!!Spread awareness that it's a crime!! Yet to release film #killpiracysavecinema #itsnowornever