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A Handy Guide For Having Casual Sex In India (And The Rest Of The World)

Step 1: Dudes hate condoms. Make them wear a goddamn condom.

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After a friend asked 24-year-old Naomi Barton what the rules are for casual sex, she began a Twitter thread with the thought of educating those who might have the same query.

Naomi Barton

She told BuzzFeed that her friends went into a shame spiral after having a one-night stand. "She literally said, 'what are the rules? Because the rules for fucking people casually are very different from dating," Barton said.

So here we go. Let's discuss a handy guide for having casual sex in India, based on Barton's informative tweet thread.

It should be noted that this advice seems to be intended mostly for cisgender women who have sex with cisgender men, but some of the advice might be useful for pretty much anyone.


7. Red-yellow-green are common terms for stop-careful-go (but clarify this with your partner before you get started).

Sometimes, it's good to practice saying red beforehand, so that you're comfortable saying it when you actually want to.


12. And most importantly, do not feel afraid to talk about things. Whether it be with the person you're about to sleep with, your friends if you have any questions or thoughts, and even your parents if you have apprehensions about anything.

Barton told BuzzFeed that the response to her tweet was daunting. "I can't count the number of grown-ass women who said they had no idea about any of this. People messaged me saying they didn't know they could get STDs from oral sex. Across the board there was a strong sense that it's really terrible that we don't know this information."



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Andre Borges is a social news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Mumbai.

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