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A Group Of Twentysomethings Is Feeding The Homeless Across India And Pakistan

In honour of the countries' Independence Days this year, the Robin Hood Army fed a lakh of their less fortunate citizens.

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While the Pakistan chapter hit various localities in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

"The last few Sundays of my life have been humbling to say the least," Saloni Dani, an RHA member from Mumbai, told BuzzFeed India.

Saloni Dhani

"I spent every Sunday with a bunch of twentysomethings with a very big vision of ending hunger. While we may not be close to achieving that, we spent countless hours trying to organise meals being transported, cars being organised and volunteers being arranged.

"From the light in the child's eyes as he said thank you to the energetic servers that were there today, I was filled with pride that today was truly about celebrating our country's independence in unity, ensuring that one of our basic rights, [the] right to food, was addressed in small and in big ways."