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A Proposal To Release Udta Punjab Only In Non-Residential Areas Left Twitter With A Lot Of Feelings

"An A/C [Adult With Caution] movie can be shown in red light districts or other non-residential areas."

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Since the Central Board Of Film Certification demanded 89 cuts of the movie, Udta Punjab has become the face of freedom of expression in India.

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The film is about Punjab's rampant drug problem, and cuts include expletives, depictions of drug use, and use of the word "Punjab".

After watching the film, director Shyam Benegal suggested it receive an "Adult With Caution" certification, instead of the usual "Adult". An "A/C" movie can be shown in red light districts or other non-residential areas," he said.

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In April, Benegal, alongside others, proposed a new film certification rating called "Adult With Caution." Films with this rating will only be screened in non-residential areas and non-family-friendly multiplexes (i.e. he doesn't want you to be able to watch Udta Punjab at PVR and Cinemax).

And Twitter has a lot of feelings about "Adult With Caution". Some felt that this limited release of the film is as good as not releasing it at all.

'Adult with Caution' if implemented by showing films only in 'red light' and non gentrified areas will kill the film. 0 audience 0 satellite

BUTTT, mostly it was just another thing for Twitter to make a trending joke all across the country.

So wait, 'adult with caution' won't mean a watchman will caution the children away from the theatre?


The whole problem is that our focus has always been on "Adult with caution" and never on "Adult with common sense."

'Adult with Caution' gonna be my new Fridge Magnet.

Some people's tweets require 'Adult with Caution' disclaimer.

There will now be the following certifications U U 12+ U 15+ U/A A A/C (Adult with caution) A/O (Adult & obscene) C/N (Childish & Nihalani)

The case was discussed in the Bombay High Court today, and the decision regarding the film's certification will be announced on Monday.

Breaking: Bombay HC order on #UdtaPunjab maker's plea against CBFC to be pronounced on Monday, 13 June | CNN-News18