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A Chennai Girl Used Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" To Protest Unilever Dumping Toxic Waste

♫ "Kodaikanal won't step down until you make amends now." ♫

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And she just uploaded an amazing video in protest of Unilever dumping toxic waste in Kodaikanal, 14 years ago.

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In the video, she raps that Unilever set up a thermometer factory in Kodaikanal, and the resultant toxic waste has severely affected the lives of the residents.

The powerful video also includes people that were personally affected by the toxic waste left behind.


Green Peace UK reported that Unilever initially denied all allegations but later stated that they would look into the matter and clean up the waste.



On March 9, Hindustan Unilever announced that they have reached a settlement with the workers in Kodaikanal, in which almost 600 of the workers would be paid "ex-gratia and other measures to support".