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    9 Kids Who Prove Indian Children Are Literally Geniuses

    Looks like the future is in good hands.

    1. Akrit Jaswal

    CBS Television Distribution / Via

    Akrit Jaswal, who boasts an IQ of 146, first performed surgery at the age of 7, on a girl who had burned her fingers. He went on to study in Britain at 12, and later pursued a master’s degree in applied chemistry. He aims to cure cancer and was also featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

    2. Kautilya Pandit


    Kautilya, from Haryana, is now more commonly known as "Google boy", "mini encyclopaedia", and "memory prince" because he can you can ask practically anything and it’s highly probable he’ll answer accurately and quickly. Professors who have conducted tests on him believe his IQ may be somewhere around 130.

    3. Sushma Verma

    Rajesh Kumar Singh / AP Photo / Via

    Sushma Verma is a bright-eyed 14-year-old from Lucknow who graduated from high school at 7. She completed her BSc in zoology and botany at Lucknow University and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in microbiology. She is also waiting to turn 18 so she will be eligible for enrolling into a medical school.

    4. Ajay Puri


    Ajay Puri is a whiz kid who was born in India and later raised in Bangkok. He became one of the youngest web designers in the world at the tender age of 4; now 17, he has met influential people like Bill Gates and Bill Clinton and made several high-profile appearances all over the world.

    5. Priyanshi Somani

    Kid Time Pass / Via

    This 11-year-old from Gujarat won the 2010 Mental Calculation World Cup with a score of 100% accuracy, a first in the history of the competition. She was also featured in the "Mind and Memory" section of the 2014 Guinness World Records book.

    6. Shorya Mahanot


    Six-year-old Shorya Mahanot, from Madhya Pradesh, has been painting since he was a toddler. His beautiful abstract work has been compared to Jackson Pollock’s and has earned him international acclaim. So far he's painted over 100 paintings!

    7. Truptraj Pandya

    Via Facebook: Yougest-tabla-player-Truptraj-A-Pandya

    At 6, Truptraj Pandya was declared by Guinness World Records as the world’s youngest tabla player in the world. The young Mumbaikar has performed at over 50 concerts already, including the Commonwealth Games.

    8. Aadarsh George


    Aadarsh George basically learned to read when he was just 2 years old, and impressed UK prime minister David Cameron and the royal family with his unbelievable grasp on concepts and his uncanny ability to recite almost all facts. Although his family live in London right now, his parents, who noticed that Aadarsh was special at a very early age, were born in Kerala.

    9. Aman Rehman

    Via Facebook: AmanRehmantheLittleBillGates

    This 15-year-old boy from Dehradun specialises in animation for films and has already begun teaching his skills to adults. Instead of joining the other kids on the cricket or football field, Aman stuck to perfecting his animation skills and has now made more than 1,000 animated movies. He has written his own program, and completed a 15-month animation course in less than three months. He has been hailed as the youngest computer animator in the world.