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    41 Totally Legitimate Reasons To Quit Your Job

    Sometimes, it's just not worth it.

    01. Your office is more than a five-minute rickshaw/cab ride from your house.

    02. There aren't any coffee places in the immediate vicinity of your office.

    03. There are no pets allowed.

    04. Not enough time to catch up on your TV shows.

    05. They don't allow you to download torrents.

    06. They don't give you the WiFi password for your phone.

    07. You have to wear pants to work.

    08. Cabs/rickshaws often refuse to take you home after work.

    09. The canteen never sends ketchup with your lunch.

    10. Nosey, talkative colleagues who consistently prattle on about their lives.

    11. No hot people.

    12. Lots of hot people. That are already taken.

    13. If there are people who chew too loudly.

    14. Or talk too loudly.

    15. Or laugh too loudly.

    16. Or are frequent sneezers.

    17. Early morning shifts.

    18. Late night shifts.

    19. Midday shifts.

    20. Shifts.

    21. When your boss goes out drinking and doesn't take you.

    22. When they don't allow midday drinking.

    23. When there's no Jenga, Taboo, or Monopoly in the office.

    24. When they offer you complimentary snacks, and you look forward to them everyday. And then one day they discontinue the snacks. *Bastards*

    25.There's no nap time.

    26. It's too goddamn cold.

    27. It's too goddamn hot.

    28. You have to walk past too many people to reach the bathroom.

    29. Your office is on a one way street and you have to walk those extra 20 steps.


    31. You have to walk down five flights of stairs, across two parking lots, and outside the office building to have one smoke.

    32. There aren't enough people goofing off with you.

    33. HD videos on YouTube just don't buffer fast enough.

    34. They don't give you "holy shit, I got so fucked up last night" days off.

    35. When the AC has just two settings, polar vortex and off.

    36. When they expect you to come to work when India is playing Pakistan.

    37. Or when India is playing anyone.

    38. When they don't have Biryani day.

    39. The office canteen is vegetarian.

    40. When your co-worker's ring tone is polyphonic.

    41. And when BuzzFeed just doesn't load.

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