27 Cosplayers From Comic Con India Who Are Absolutely Nailing This Costume Thing

The cosplay awakens.

1. This Arrow impersonator who is on point.

2. This guy who is slaying the Immortan Joe likeness.

3. This Ghost Rider just cruising through the convention.

4. This Saiyan who’s in a galaxy far, far away.

5. This guy who is killing it as Jared Leto’s Joker.

6. And this Batman who is probably keeping his eye on The Joker.

7. This Fred Flintstone who is searching for his Wilma.

8. This girl who is probably mistaken for Emma Watson all the time.

9. This family that figured out, a family that fights crime together, stays together.

10. These Star Wars fans who are probably avoiding spoilers till The Force Awakens releases in India.

11. This guy who decided to go a little niche and come as a Draugr DeathLord from SkyRim.

12. This Aladdin and Jasmine pair who probably had their genie whip up these amazing costumes.

13. This girl who decided that old school Wonder Woman was the best.

14. This Dexter who is making us miss Cartoon Network from the ’90s.

15. These Jedis who prove that sometimes the Light Side and Dark Side can get along just fine.

16. These tiny Avengers who you really wouldn’t want to mess with.

17. This Harley Quinn who doesn’t need any squad to travel with.

18. This Gambit who would probably give Channing Tatum a run for his money.

19. This Loki impersonator who’s probably planning her next war against the Avengers.

20. This guy who probably can’t wait for the live action debut of the Sorcerer Supreme.

21. This Khaleesi who probably has her dragons in tow.

22. This Deathstroke who’s probably on some sort of covert mission as we speak.

23. These Airbenders who look like they’re about to go at it.

24. This Deadpool who probably didn’t shut up for the whole convention.

25. This Reverse Flash who probably didn’t have any trouble with the traffic.

26. This Poison Ivy who will make you green with envy.

27. And this guy who made The Joker even scarier.

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Andre Borges is a social news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Mumbai.
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