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    Posted on 20 Sep 2016

    19 Times Bollywood Celebs Effectively And Unstoppably Shut Down Trolls On Social Media

    Trollage will not be tolerated.

    1. When Lisa Haydon aptly responded to the king of trolls.

    2. When Sonakshi Sinha came to the defence of other women in Bollywood.


    3. And when she savagely put this guy in his place.


    4. When Richa Chadha took on her trolls one by one.

    5. When Vishakha Singh stopped this troll in his tracks after he commented “nice boobs” on her Facebook photo.


    6. When Uday Chopra didn't sit the fuck down.

    7. When Khushi Kapoor gave approximately zero fucks about beauty standards.

    Khushi Kapoor / Via Instagram

    8. When Priyanka Chopra effectively schooled this dude.

    9. When Karan Johar shut down a homophobic troll after he made a quip about same-sex marriage being legal in the U.S.

    10. When Twinkle Khanna handled a group of trolls like a baller.

    11. When Abhishek Bachchan stepped right in after this troll brought his daughter into the trollage.

    12. When trolls attacked Soha Ali Khan but she shut them down in the classiest way.

    13. When Alia Bhatt politely let this dude know that she's not bothered by his shit.

    14. When Sidharth Malhotra shut down this creep.


    15. When Sonam Kapoor let her trolls know what's what.

    16. When Sonakshi Sinha didn't hold back.


    17. When Uday Chopra gave the perfect response to this comment.


    18. When Ileana D’Cruz had Lauren Gottlieb's back and shutdown this Instagram hater.

    19. And when Shah Rukh Khan didn't beat around the bush at all.

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