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18 Women Who Used Social Media To Perfectly Call Out The Men Harassing Them

A guide on how to take down your harassers in 2016.

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1. This musician who told off this dude who compared her to a house help.

Didn't know "maid girls" at a Pakistani's house couldn't be beautiful, and being compared to one could be offensive

4. This VJ who shut shit down on haters who trolled her for her muscular body

Instagram: @banij

"I have drool-worthy abs and a muscular body by choice, and that has put me at the receiving end of so much body shaming, it’s unbelievable," she wrote.


6. This writer who shared a screenshot of an unsolicited dick pic she received in a Facebook message.

8. This woman who shared these messages from a stranger she had blocked.

Facebook: richa.chandrawanshi

10. This YouTuber's clapback to a troll who questioned her education.

I might be a vegetarian but that doesn't mean I won't slay... kay, night xo #GirlLove

12. This woman who took her Ola driver to the cops after she caught him filming her.

While using an Ola Cab, she realised that the driver was filming her using his front camera. She made him drive her to a safe area and then handed him over to the cops. The driver was fired shortly after.


14. This woman who live-tweeted an Uber ride where the driver threatened to throw her out of the cab.

Getty Images

She alleged that during the ride, the driver threatened to throw her out of the cab, and so she started live-tweeting the entire incident directly to Uber India’s Twitter handle.

15. This anchor who sent a mass message to all her trolls.

16. This woman who wouldn't let a dude who tried to get fresh with her on a bus get off scot-free.

Instead of getting off the bus, she took the guy to the cops and filed an FIR against him. In her Facebook post she explained that she was scared, but would not put up with this.

17. This journalist who posted screenshots of a guy who kept messaging her even after she blocked him.

Via Facebook: BinjalUShah

She gave her number to a committee member of an event she was covering and he began messaging her incessantly. She uploaded his messages with his profile details, but the post was taken down by Facebook. She later re-uploaded the screenshots without his profile details.

18. And this actress who decided to call out this troll's upbringing.

An Indian guy told Pakistani actress: "You haven't been thrashed in India yet"

And she replied saying, "If your mom thrashed you, you wouldn't have spoken such nonsense".