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17 Faces Any Indian Who Has Ever Been In A Relationship Will Recognise Instantly

So many cockblocks, so many times.

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1. When you're about to plant one on your S.O. and your parents walk in.

Imaan Sheikh via Yash Raj Films

2. When your relatives ask you when you're going to finally get married.

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3. When you're trying to not stalk your ex.

Imaan Sheikh / BuzzFeed India

4. When you make a hilarious joke in front of your bae's dad but then you realise it's not funny at all, and kinda inappropriate.

Red Chilli Entertainment

5. When you're trying to break up with someone but they're just not getting the message.

6. When you realise you've forgotten your anniversary.


7. When your friends mention that you're dating someone in front of your parents.

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8. When your girlfriend's friends start talking about how everyone their age is getting married.

9. When your mother asks you if that boy Ila aunty saw you with is your boyfriend.

10. When your mum finds out you've been secretly dating someone for months now.

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11. When you hear that your current met your ex, and you have no idea what they spoke about.

12. When your partner insists that they look good in something hideous.

13. When your friend mentions an ex you haven't told your current about yet.

14. When your S.O. meets your parents for the first time and tries to be on their best behaviour.

15. When your bae asks you a seemingly innocuous question but it's actually a trap.

16. When your partner wants to continue shopping after four hours.


17. And when your S.O. agrees to stay home in bed and watch Game Of Thrones instead of going out.