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    Posted on 28 Apr 2017

    15 Frikkin' Amazing Pizzas From Bombay That The World Needs To Know About

    Everyone comes here for the nightlife, everyone stays for the bazillion types of pizzas you get.

    1. The Flaming Old Monk Pizza

    Facebook: video.php

    At Pizza By The Bay, you can have a pizza of your choosing, and they will flambé it right in front of you with Old Monk. They also do it with vodka, gin, and brandy.

    2. The Cheese Nachos And Fries Pizza

    Dinshaw Express has a super thin crust pizza comprising of nachos, fries and a whole lotta cheese. It looks frikkin' yum.

    3. The Pizza Cone

    If you've ever wondered whether you could eat a pizza like you eat an ice cream, Pizza Box is the place for you.

    4. The Seafood Pizza

    Twitter: @CafeFreeIndia

    This pizza from Cafe Free India is a smorgasbord of seafood including, prawns, squid, and crispy AF fish.

    5. The Nutella Pizza

    1441 Pizzeria combines your meal with your dessert, and every sweet tooth enthusiast needs to try it ASAP.

    6. The Maggizza

    Facebook: HungryHeadInd

    Every Maggi lover (basically every person in the world) will love the line of Maggizzas at Hungry Head. There are vegetarian ones, chicken ones, and even some weird combination pizzas.

    7. The Chaat Pizza

    For all those chaat lovers out there, pizza doesn't just have to be pepperoni or BBQ, at least at Glocal Junction.

    8. The Cookie Pizza

    The Pizza Playlist literally serves a huge-ass cookie with ice cream and chocolate sauce. 'Nuff said.

    9. The Naanza

    The Central Kitchen

    This monstrous fusion of Punjabi and Italian cuisine that The Central Kitchen serves, really shouldn't work, but it totally does.

    10. The Kurkure Pizza

    Pizza Hut

    Pizza Hut obviously has a ton of pizzas, BUT some of them have Kurkure on them. I'm into it.

    11. The Mac 'n' Cheese Pizza

    For anyone who's tired of the regular ole cheese pizza, Fat Man's Cafe's Mac 'n' Cheese pizza is just right for you with a healthy serving of macaroni to along with all that cheesy delight.

    12. The Completely-Chicken Crust Pizza

    At Foodgasm, the pizzas have no bread. The entire base is made out of chicken breasts. Need I say more?

    13. The Chicago Meatball Deep Dish Pizza

    Lighthouse Café serves this amazingly filling meatball pizza, that would make even the best Chicago restaurants proud.

    14. The Metre-Long Pizza

    Gustoso serves a pizza that's enough for a small party, without the hassle of too many boxes. What's more is that it's rectangular, and each part of it can have different toppings, which is awesome.

    15. The Dhoklizza

    DesiKlub's weird combination shouldn't work at all, but it totally does. Trust me.