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14 Amazing Indian Web Series From 2016 You Need To Watch Before The Year Ends

You've got a few days left in 2016, here's the best way to spend them.

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3. I Don’t Watch TV

A peek through the veil of all the glitz and glamour of the Indian television industry, from all the political power struggles to the secret relationships to the underhanded deals.

Check it out here.


6. Humorously Yours

The show chronicles the journey of a guy trying to make it big in the Indian stand up comedy scene, through a series of unexpectedly feelsy adventures.

Check it out here.


13. Chinese Bhasad

The show is a dramedy that follows the exploits of an Indian boy who falls in love with a Chinese girl, while their families interject with their strong stereotypical views of each other’s cultures.

Check it out here.

14. The Trip

Facebook: bindass

Four friends meet up to go on a bachelorette trip, during which they rekindle their friendship, and discover things about themselves that change their lives forever.

Check it out here.

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