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11 Things Men Can Do To Make Women Feel More Comfortable In The Workplace

Don't just sit there, do something.

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1. Do not expect your teammates to become the "moms" of the team.

Marcos Chamizo / BuzzFeed

Don't ask them to order food, take notes or worry about whether or not there is coffee for everyone in a meeting if it is not their job. They are not the nannies of the team.

2. Do not invade their personal space.

Marcos Chamizo / BuzzFeed

Don't look into women's screens, or lean in too close to a colleague's desk. That's an invasion of public space.


5. Do not dismiss their ideas.

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Make it clear when the ideas and merit are of a woman, just as you would with any man. Don't take the thing they literally just said more seriously when a dude says that exact thing.

6. Don't spread rumours about your female co-workers.

Marcos Chamizo / BuzzFeed

Women face way more problems than men as professionals, and comments as simple as "I think she's getting married" or "she wants to have children?" can negatively affect their careers. Do not invent or share information about their personal life, however innocent it may seem.

9. Pay attention and intervene if you think another man in the office is bothering or harassing your colleagues.

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You might not be someone who's making a woman uncomfortable but if you see others doing it, and you don't speak up, you're part of the problem.

10. Teach yourself to give compliments and praise the work of women without adding superficial comments.

Marcos Chamizo / BuzzFeed

You do not need to reference anyone's physical features or their gender to say, "Hey, good job".

11. And, above all, support and defend your co-workers against sexism in any form.

Marcos Chamizo / BuzzFeed

Do not laugh or be neutral when someone makes sexist comments. Women don't need to be the subject of such comments or jokes, and especially if it's done behind their back. Don't just stand there, do something.

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