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8 Reasons You Should Be Proud To Be Danish

Although Denmark did not make it to the World Cup this year, there are many reasons to be proud to be Danish. This is just a short little list that highlights some of those reasons.

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1. Humor

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Danes have a dark sense of humor where things typically not joked about are the topic of jokes. In this video, "small perverted 7-year-old sex-fixated boys" are interviewed.

2. Ytringsfrihed


(Which means Freedom of Speech if you don't speak Danish).

It is a concept that is very popular with Danes. They like to say what they want because they have the freedom to, perhaps that is why their jokes can be so dark? I like it. Say what you mean and mean what you say or whatnot.

3. Janteloven


The Law of Jante is a pattern of group behavior in Scandinavian countries that deems individual success and achievement as inappropriate. An idea such as individualism that is popular in the United States of America is not accepted. I suppose it would result in less bullying in school, right?

4. Hygge

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Pronounced (hoo-guh) is an important part of Danish culture. It is a sense of comfort and fun times with family or friends. It is can be found when renting a bike that fits more people or a cafe where you can wash your clothes as well.

5. Lego


I'm sure you all know what Lego is. Legos bring back memories of childhood or your trip to Disney's Lego Store. But did you know Lego is a Danish company? If you're Danish, I'm sure you knew that. Lego comes from two words Leg Godt which means Play Well. So next time you buy Legos, because... well... why not? Remember to thank the Danes for the invention.

6. Mads Mikkelsen


Where do we start? Rolling Stone writer Dan Hyman says, "Mikkelsen is the rare breed of actor able to accomplish as much with his body or eyes — a slight nod or a subtle wink — as one of Lecter’s trademark Shakespearian soliloquies." He is winning American audiences over with his performance in Casino Royale and most recently playing the famed Hannibal Lecter. That is definitely a show to check out.

7. Paprika Steen / Via

Now onto Mads Mikkelsen's co-star in "Open Hearts" and "Adam's Apples." The talented Paprika Steen stars in "Applause" as an actress whose life is falling apart because of her alcoholism. NPR's Ella Taylor calls Paprika Steen's portrayal a "transcendent performance".

8. Flag


Denmark has one of the oldest flags in the world. Legend has it that it was given to Danes in 1219 from.... [drumroll please]..... God, the creator of the Universe. According to legend, Danes prayed to God during a battle against Estonia and the flag fell from the sky before King Valdemir II led them to defeat the Estonians.

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