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    19 Tweets That Accurately Summed Up How Omicron Ruined Christmas

    Just when we thought we were home free, another mutant COVID variant swings in to ruin everything.

    Christmas has come and gone...or has it? For many, Dec. 25, 2021 was just like any other day. And we can all blame it on one thing and one thing only: Omicron.

    While many of us entered the holiday season hoping that this Christmas would be less socially distanced than the last, Omicron swooped in and corrected that assumption.

    Here are 19 tweets describing how the ultra-contagious Omicron COVID-19 variant ruined what was supposed to be the "post-COVID" Christmas:


    A shoutout to all the parents out there still trying to make Christmas magic while navigating the Omicron shit show. I see you with your festive sweater and your dead eyes.

    Twitter: @NatStechyson


    How #Omicron Stole Christmas 🎄😷 #MerryChristmas #omicronchristmas

    Twitter: @itsJohnWalsh


    I got my positive covid test result on christmas day which is crazy cause I asked for an air fryer

    Twitter: @laurapeek_


    Twitter: @Conalcorr


    Omicron, Delta, and OG Covid on their way to ruin Christmas:

    Twitter: @naterichx


    I didn't go home for Christmas, as much as I needed it, I was worried about infecting my family. Now, there is a really good chance my whole family caught Omicron, including my immunocompromised sister in-law. I am not okay. I am so done with this year. Please take care. Fuck.

    Twitter: @Lemon_Cookie


    Twitter: @WrestlingJebus


    Laugh or cry? Probably both. #covidchristmas

    Twitter: @TheAliceSmith


    Leaving the pub at 8.01 and trying to not catch omicron #Omicron #Christmas

    Twitter: @PintmanA


    When that Omicron hit right before christmas

    Twitter: @NewfieScumbag


    Twitter: @sharon_weave


    Merry Christmas from me and #Omicron

    Twitter: @Rachie784


    Pharmacy yesterday: Man yelling at pharmacists because he didn’t believe positive test - wanted PCR, woman yelling they’d ruined her Christmas, long line waiting for tests. Massive lines in mall for boosters, 3 staff. Heart breaks for exhausted health care workers, pharmacists.

    Twitter: @Anniekidder


    Omicron naming who it infected this Christmas

    Twitter: @dylatrix


    My Christmas spirit really at 0% this year. Idk if it’s covid or me being grown but the holidays not holiday’n no mo

    Twitter: @Drebae_


    Christmas plans around the country are falling apart.

    Twitter: @ScottieBeam


    'Isolation dinner for one, please'. Could be a lot worse I suppose! Happy Christmas Everyone! #covidchristmas

    Twitter: @Toby__Don


    Twas the night before Christmas And in New York City Everyone had caught covid And were feeling quite shitty We'd gotten the vaccine And boosted our powers But the lines to get tested Took 6 fucking hours

    Twitter: @YugSTAR


    Isolation Day 2: Part 2 I'm feeling pretty wonky right now and have taken to writing Covid Christmas Carols. *I'm Dreaming of a Shite Christmas *Here Comes Santa Claus, And He's Not Wearing a Mask *O Come All Ye Variants *Twas The Night Before Quarantine *O Little Star of Omicron

    Twitter: @FilmArtPhoto