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13 Single Probs When Your Friends Are In Relationships

Raise your hand if you are that friend whose friends all have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Trying to maintain being single is difficult when you are constantly reminded that sometimes life can be easier with a S.O. Here are some reminders of the problems single people face when dealing with having friends in relationships.

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1. Always feeling obligated to invite your friend's S.O

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2. Hearing the S.O. get brought up in every conversation. Everyday

3. Constantly being told, "We need to find you a boyfriend"

4. When your friend's S.O. just so happens to bring their single friends to hang out

5. Conversations about their future annoy you, when the only future you think about is passing your classes

6. Don't even get me started on the PDA

7. Hearing your friends vent about their S.O.

8. You are always stuck being the third or fifth wheel whenever everyone goes out

9. Listening to them talk about ALL of their dates

10. Your daily newsfeed is blown up with endless pictures of couples, only to make you realize...

11. Having those occasional moments where you think...

12. Feeling like you need to convince yourself that you love being single

13. In the end, you may sometimes envy your friends in relationships, but you know your independence means not having to share your bed

"All the single ladies!"

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