16 Things That Happen When You Unplug From Technology

It’s so hard, to say goodbye, to technology—eee.

1. Realization: Sometimes you feel a little too connected. You NEED a break. So you decide to unplug for a while.


2. You’re determined to follow through and know for sure that it’ll do you some good.

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3. When you release yourself from all your devices it’s like there’s been a weight lifted off your shoulders. You’re FREE!

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4. And you’re actually excited about the idea of not having to catch up on what’s happening on the interweb every 2 minutes.

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5. You decide to be productive by doing chores, running errands…


6. And going back to your more “primitive” hobbies.

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7. After some seconds/minutes/days/weeks, you’ve done everything that you wanted…

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8. And you feel awesome that you’ve accomplished them without the use of technology.

9. But then slowly but surely, boredom starts to creep up on you.

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10. And only gets worse.

11. Inevitably the FOMO will start to kick in.

12. And all these indescribable feelings consume you.

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13. Until finally…

14. You take a breath.

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15. Take a moment to feel good that you lasted as long as you did.

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16. And connect yourself back to society.


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