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17 Reasons Why You Need A Bulldog

They're basically human. They may be a little slow, but they're quick at stealing your heart!

1. Because they're just as cute as mini pigs, if not, cuter

2. Even though they can't swim, they look adorable in a life vest.

3. They can be clumsy, just like you

4. Like, really clumsy...

5. They always look so sad, you just want to snuggle them.

6. Bulldogs consist of: fat, wrinkles and love

7. They'll wait patiently to join you for a snuggle session on the couch

8. ...Or they'll just force you to snuggle

9. Really, they just want to do anything that involves sleeping.

10. Whether it's sleeping on the couch

11. Or sleeping IN the couch

12. Or sleeping sitting up

13. And almost always sleeping with their tongue out

14. Even though they're known to slobber...

15. and they're known to snore...

16. They become a part of your family

17. And it's hard to regret a face like this!

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