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    Top 5 Middle Grade Reads Of March

    The vacation that we've all been waiting for since returning to school in January is finally here: spring break! In need of a new read for the occasion? Check out these March middle grade releases that are guaranteed to be the perfect addition to your spring break reading list!

    Sydney Mackenzie Knocks 'Em Dead by Cindy Callaghan

    Sydney Mackenzie is NOT happy when she finds out that she has to leave her sunny California home for small town Delaware. The worst part: Her new house is right in the middle of the cemetery her parents have inherited. Can anyone say creepy? But the more she explores her new home, the more Sydney begins to discover all of the history (and mysteries) the house holds. Cindy Callaghan delivers once again with this fun and mysterious read. Sydney is a strong and spunky lead who readers will love!

    Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Hogwarts Library book) by Newt Scamander and J.K. Rowling

    Haven't had enough of Harry Potter and his magical world yet? Fear not, J.K. is back with the Hogwarts textbook edition of her latest hit. Full of Newt's notes on some of the most dangerous and fascinating creatures to inhabit the wizarding world, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them has been enchanting the magical community for years. Now it's time for us Muggles to experience the world of Nifflers, Puffskeins and more!

    Masterminds: Payback by Gordon Korman

    In the final installment of the Masterminds series, the Project Osiris clones are on the run. Separated into pairs Amber and Malik are tracking down the notorious mob boss Gus Alabaster, while Eli and Tori are hunting down the project's most protected secrets. Will the four of them be able to put a stop to Project Osiris? Readers will be entranced by the final installment!

    Baseball Genius by Tim Green and Derek Jeter

    Jalen DeLuca loves baseball, but when a lack of money puts his playing at risk, Jalen decides to sneak into a star player's house to steal a few balls to sell. When the second baseman, James Yager, catches Jalen in the act, the two strike a bargain: James won't press charges if Jalen helps him out of his hitting slump. You see, Jalen has an uncanny ability to predict pitches. A witty and fun mystery, Baseball Genius is the perfect read for sports enthusiasts!

    Horizon by Scott Westerfeld

    When eight tweens crash land in the arctic, they expect to find nothing but snow and ice. Instead, they find themselves in a jungle full of dangers they've never heard of before. With limited water and deadly creatures lurking around every corner, the group must put aside their differences and stick together if they ever want to make it home again. Horizon is the first in a supernatural suspense series that readers cannot miss.

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