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    The Most Anticipated Memoirs For Fall 2015

    Dive in to another's expertise, experience, and emotions with these 8 memoirs. Their stories read like fiction and will keep you entertained while inspiring you to write your own.

    1. Beautiful Affliction by Lene Fogelberg


    Lene Fogelberg is sure she has been dying since childhood. She cannot find an diagnosis to her mystery condition in her home country. After she welcomes two daughters and has the support from her loving husband, her family moves to the US and finally receives a diagnosis. However, is it too late for Lene? Experience Lene's honest, heartbreaking, and thrilling journey in this mesmerizing memoir.

    2. A Courage to Act by Ben S. Bernanke


    Ben S. Bernanke is excited to be the new chair of the Federal Reserve in 2006 after overcoming many life accomplishments. However, in 2007 the housing market crashed effecting the economic stability nationally and globally. In The Courage to Act, Ben is going to take you inside what happened before, after, and during the crisis to avoid a worldwide financial failure.

    3. All the Ghosts Dance Free by Terry Cameron Baldwin


    All the Ghosts Dance Free is a beautiful memoir of Terry Cameron Baldwin's life. From childhood to coming-of-age through present day, Terry lives a life in multiple cities during different generational movements. She learns lessons of letting go, morals, and happiness that mold her into today's woman.

    4. Amazing Fantastic Incredible by Stan Lee


    Stan Lee is an icon and legend in the comic book industry. He created multiple famous superheroes and villains that many have fallen in love with or formed deep hatred for. Follow Stan's journey though his personal life and different stages of success leading to his lucrative career with whit and stunning illustrations.

    5. Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl by Carrie Brownstein


    Carrie Brownstein is the guitarist for Sleater-Kinney, a punk rock band. In Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl, Carrie is going to travel back in time to life before her fame and discuss her unfulfilling childhood. To find her calling, Carrie is going to experience hard work, sacrifice, and independence that makes her thrive.

    6. An Uncomplicated Life by Paul Daugherty


    Paul Daugherty's daughter, Jillian, was born with down syndrome. Her parents had mixed emotions of endless love and concern for their new, baby daughter. Knowing needs had to met, they didn't want Jillian to grow-up believing she was entitled so they challenged her. Paul is about to learn more from her daughter than expected as Jillian grows older with joyful celebrations throughout high school, college, and with a future husband.

    7. Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson


    Furiously Happy takes a different, hilarious spin on mental illness. Jenny Lawson encourages everyone to engulf themselves in who they are to find personal bliss. Through the use of kangaroos, swear words, and everyday acts of taking a shower, Jenny wants each person to be honest with themselves and stop hiding it.

    8. But Enough About Me by Burt Reynolds


    Burt Reynolds is a Hollywood legend after providing six decades of stunning performances and sexy looks. He will go behind the scenes to his years as a football player, a life-changing car accident, his rise to fame, being on broadway, award winning nominations, and financial decisions. Working with many people across multiple years, Burt provides insights and lessons of his achievements.