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Ten Tweets From Hilarious Parents

Science of Parenthood returns with The Bigger Book of Parenting Tweets featuring the most hilarious tweets from parents about parenting that will have you laughing until your belly aches. We have rounded up our favorite ten tweets from the book that had us laughing long after reading them! You can read more hilarious tweets in The Bigger Book of Parenting Tweets available here.

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Parenting, when you eat the last three cookies because you have four children. — Nicole Leigh Shaw
Plot Twist: 5yo asks a questions *once.* — La Vie En Meh
It's like my 12yo doesn't even know that it's perfectly fine to just not talk sometimes.— KC of TX
Evolution messed up, moms should have sponges at the ends of their arms, not hands. — Deva Dalporto
Sharing is a foreign concept to toddlers until you have something they want. Then they're experts on the subject. — The ParentNormal
Before having kids I didn't know that a pre-chewed orange tastes pretty good. — Amy Flory
My daughter's a 4yo Barbara Walters. She asks questions till you cry. — Zoe vs. the Universe
I tell my kids to go wash their hands but they hear, "Go recreate a scene from Titanic." — Jennifer Lizza
My kids either use zero napkins or 46 napkins. There is no in-between. — Wendy S.
Don't ask your 5yo to feed the cat unless you're sure the cat likes blueberry Pop-Tars. Lesson learned. — Stella G. Maddox

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