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Five Hot Memoirs For Fall

It’s cooling down outside and we have the best way to stay warm! Curl up on the couch and prepare for hibernation with one of these must-read memoirs

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1. The Body Tourist by Dana Lise Shavin

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Dana Lise Shavin shares her road to recovery with her battle against anorexia, mental illness and addiction in an insightful, heartfelt, and comedic memoir. The journey to recovery is not a quick and easy process as her six-year pursuit of making her life whole again is shared when it comes to counseling jobs, her living situation, relationship, not only the personal ones but the one with food as well. Shavin bares her soul across pages while being inspiring, brutally honest and absolutely hilarious.

2. A Leg to Stand On by Colleen Haggerty

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Learning self-acceptance played a huge role in the vast majority of Collen Haggerty’s accomplishments. Despite losing her leg at an early age she was a star athlete and constantly pushed her physical limits. The hardest physical activity for Haggerty was allowing herself to feel whole enough to open her heart for marriage and motherhood, as they both require a different type of physical energy. This memoir touches on absolution, healing, and gratification while empowering its readers to understanding themselves.

3. Daring: My Passages: A Memoir by Gail Sheehy

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Trailblazer journalist, Gail Sheely, is known for writing books on coming of age and coping with crises also her groundbreaking contributions to New York, Vanity Fair and The New York Times. She puts herself in the spotlight with her memoir discussing what she had to overcome during a time when women were not entirely accepted as journalists. She touches on life as a single mother, addiction, grief, love and loss tying it all back in to empowering generations.

4. Passionate Nutrition by Jennifer Adler

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From heroin to health, Jennifer Adler’s story talks about how she used nutrition to heal. This memoir goes into depth about how Adler spent her childhood starving, living in an abandoned gas station and retreating to heroin as a teenager. Adler’s intention is to change the way people look at food and what positive these lifestyle changes can do for overall health. It is complete with a cookbook to help readers.

5. Fire Shut up in my Bones by Charles M. Blow

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Fire Shut Up in My Bones tells the story of Charles M. Blow's life from an impoverished family held together by strong-minded women to the beginning of his career as a respected New York Times commentator. His memoir has some eye-opening facts that helped mold him from child to man. This well-written tale of his struggle is most certainly why he is respected today. What he faces with abuse, sexual identity, race, and violence are subjects readers can all relate to as well as his ability to triumph over these obstacles.

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