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Fall Reads With Sweeping Stories Of Self-Discovery

Feel inspired this fall by picking up these reads that are all about finding yourself.

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1. Learning to Fall by Anne Clermont

Brynn’s passion for horses leads her into the most competitive veterinarian program in the nation. But tragedy strikes months before her graduation, and Brynn is faced with balancing the pressure of her father's legacy and his hopes for winning a Grand Prix show with achieving her dream of becoming a veterinarian. When Brynn's desperate attempts to keep the family business out of debt fail, she turns to the one last desperate hope: Jason Lander, a former horse show champion, who offers to help train Brynn's horses for the Grand Prix. But Jason is no easy teacher and soon Brynn finds herself questioning her reasons for training in the first place, not to mention the feelings that are beginning to develop for Jason. Set in Northern California, Learning To Fall follows a story of self-discovery and learning how to let go - and follow your heart.

2. Luck, Love & Lemon Pie by Amy E. Reichert

When Milwaukee mom and wife MJ Boudreaux notices her husband is more interested in going to the casino than spending time with her, she takes up poker as a way to reignite their marriage. After discovering she has a knack for the game, she finds more comfort at the tables than in her busy household. She soon finds herself playing in Las Vegas while getting attention from an attractive poker star. The stakes get even higher when she’s forced to choose between her family and the fast-paced world she’s found so much freedom in.

3. See Me: A Novel by Nicholas Sparks

Collin Hancock is given the chance to put all his mistakes, bad decisions, and threats of being sent to prison behind him. Maria Sanchez is a hardworking lawyer and daughter of Mexican immigrants. Despite her successful career, she has a dark history that continues to haunt her and ultimately causes her to move back to her hometown. When the two unexpectedly meet on a rain-covered highway, their lives are instantly changed and they realize that sometimes those who see us for who we truly are might not be the easiest ones to recognize.

4. Once Upon A Wine by Beth Kendrick

Cammie Breyer is at rock bottom. Her restaurant is failing and her boyfriend just left her. When Aunt Ginger calls with the news that she's purchased a vineyard in Delaware, Cammie jumps at the chance to move to Delaware for a fresh start. The two, along with Cammie’s cousin, Kat, quickly learn that winemaking isn't as easy as they thought. Facing financial struggles, rowdy tourists, romantic difficulties, second thoughts and a few glasses of wine turns out to be just what Cammie needs to discover who she really is.

5. One Less Problem Without You: A Novel by Beth Harbison

Prinny is the owner of Cosmos, a shop that specializes in crystals, potions and special cocktails that mend broken hearts and help people fall in love. Chelsea is a living statue at tourist spots in Washington, D.C., and works part-time at Cosmos. Her dreams of becoming an actress seem further away than ever and falling in love seems like a much more distant dream. Diana is married to a charismatic yet unfaithful man but can’t decide whether she would rather be single and alone, or married and lonely. In One Less Problem Without You, three very different women find themselves thrown together and it will take love, strength and a little magic to help them figure out what path to choose.

6. Pierced by The Sun by Laura Esquivel

When Lupita witnesses the murder of a local politician, old memories of her past come to the surface. She soon finds herself back in her old self-destructive habits and becomes the target of Mexico’s corrupt political system. As the turmoil increases around her, she finds peace in the indigenous traditions of her ancestors. She returns to her roots by living life more simply, and embarks upon the journey to discover who she is and how to get out of the darkness that always seems to surround her.

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