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Author Interview: Brigitte Quinn

Author and former Fox News anchor Brigitte Quinn is used to dishing out hot story details. With her must-read novel Anchored out now, Brigitte takes a moment to spill the details in her new writing career!

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What was your inspiration for Anchored?

"When I anchored in cable news, certain days or moments struck me as perfect material for a movie or TV comedy. The behind-the-scenes stories in a newsroom are often more interesting than the stories we're covering."

Which events in Anchored are based on personal newsroom experiences?

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"No one seems to believe me when I say this is straight-up made-up. But if speculation starts a guessing game that sells books, well…

I will say, there are breaking news events in the book similar to stories I anchored. And there actually was an old comedian who told a dirty joke on air before I could shut her up."

How do you relate to the character Barbara?

"I wish I had Barbara's fire. She fights for what she wants even if her temper gets her into huge trouble. I definitely don't have her "ruthless" gene when it comes to business. We both worked in radio before television and we both have a strong moral compass, but the similarities end there. Plus, she's a red-head. I tried that once but couldn't pull it off."

Can you describe any challenges you faced transitioning from writing journalism to writing a novel?

"I can write in a noisy newsroom. Maybe that's why I was able to write the novel with hundreds of interruptions from my kids, the dog barking, and my 70s tunes playing. It was hard using adjectives, which is a news "no-no." But once I started up making stories, I had great fun and even cracked myself up on occasion. I hope readers have a good laugh!"

What advice do you have for aspiring reporters?

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"Learn how to write and tell a story that grabs the listener or viewer by the throat. And be prepared to work oddball hours. And...never give up. It's not the easiest business. You should really want it."

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