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9 Books For Football Lovers

The best time of the year has now arrived, football season! Listed are the top books every football lover must read to kickoff the season.

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1. Huskers by Strat Warden

Huskers is Sandlot of today’s generation. A coming of age novel about a young boy and his underdog friends who overcome the struggles of growing up, insecurities, and girls while valuing lessons learned through sports. Huskers will remind readers of their favorite Sandlot movie by the 1960’s Nebraska setting and finding their inner strength individually and as a team.

2. Backyard Brawl by W. K. Stratton


Backward Brawl highlights the greatest rivalry in college football. W. K Stratton writes about the rivalry and history amongst the two teams that led to a postponed game due to violent fans. Tragedy will strike both schools and bring the community together for the love of football.

3. Our Boys by Joe Drape


A story about family, love, and small towns, Our Boys will follow author Joe Drape as he moves his family to Kansas proceeding the school's 4 year winning streak. Take a look into the free spirit and passion behind the towns beloved high school football players as they try to break the state record.

5. Friday Night Lights by H.G. Bissinger


Read the classic story that started it all, Friday Night Lights. The Panthers represent the hope of a Texas town that is experiencing defeat. The town's spirit rises from September to December and all due to a high school football team.

6. War Room by Michael Holley


Michael Holley, New York Times bestselling author, follows around three football teams: New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs, and Atlanta Falcons. War Room takes a deeper look into how the NFL selects the perfect team. Strategy is the main focus and draft day is more important than it may seem.

7. Gym Candy by Carol Deuker


Mick Johnson is brutaly tackled on his way to the end zone. Following the injury, he believes "gym candy" is the best solution to avoid failing like his father's football career. His performance is breaking records, but rage, acne, and depression is leading him down a darker path than expected.

8. Dixieland Delight by Clay Travis


Dive right into the college culture with Dixieland Delight. The Southeastern

Conference is known for their loyal fans, big stadiums, and rivalry. Follow a sports columnist as he documents his crazy, hilarious, and endless experiences touring through the Southland .

9. Paper Lion by George Plimpton


George Plimpton joined the Detroit Lions for their preseason camp as a wannabe football quarterback and played through the intra-squad game. Plimpton explains how a rookie deals with the pressure, close living quarters, and rituals. Football may not have been his calling, but his writing took a different approach on journalism.

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