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    9 Awesome Books For Your Kick-Ass Career

    Whether you've hit a lull, or are a new graduate that is ready to take your game at work to the next level, you need some help. Read these 9 books, and you'll be on your way to a kick-ass career.

    The Entrepreneur Mind, by Kevin D. Johnson / Via

    Learn how entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg, Kevin Plank, and Sara Blakely paved the road to success. This book holds the secrets of the very best.

    The Thriver's Edge, by Donna Stoneham / Via

    Elevate every aspect of your life with this personal guide that shows you how to unleash your full potential, and thrive.

    Always Know What To Say, by Peter W. Murphy / Via

    Never get tongue-tied again. This handy book will teach you how to master your words in every situation.

    The Creative Thinking System, by Keith McManus / Via

    Out of the box thinking becomes easy with this helpful guide. Learn how to turn your wildest ideas into reality.

    Unusually Effective, by Akshay Desai / Via

    In this digital age, social media takes center stage. Blow your boss away at the next staff meeting by showing off your social media know-how.

    People Leadership, by Gina Folk / Via

    Even if you're not a manager, chances are you'll be asked to lead a project at some point, or another. This book will teach you how to communicate effectively, and maximize each team members' individual strengths.

    Zombie Loyalists, by Peter Shankman / Via

    Customer service is what keeps people coming back time and time again. This book shares how to use great customer service to create a loyal following.

    Love Your Job, by Kerry Hannon / Via

    You dream about finding love, but have you ever wished you could fall in love with your job too? This book will show you how.

    The Sweet Spot, by Christine Carter / Via

    If you're in a funk, this book is just what you need. It takes an all-encompassing look at what's holding you back, and offers advice on rediscovering your groove.