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7 Summer Book Club Picks You Won't Want To Miss

Summer is a beautifully splendid time to launch a book club with your besties. So go ahead girl, set up some lawn chairs, grab some sparkling refreshments and fall in love with these perfect summer reads.

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1. Untethered: A Novel by Julie Lawson Timmer

We couldn't stop turning the pages on this modern family story about motherhood, loss and healing. Char Hawthorn lives a picture-perfect life in a small town, with a great husband and a cheerful fifteen-year-old stepdaughter. When Char’s husband dies unexpectedly, the two things she was sure about–her daily life and relationship with her stepdaughter–become completely questionable. Untethered explores the complicated dynamics of a family, delves into the American foster care system, and proves that no matter what, love is unconditional. Untethered is the perfect book club pick for serious topical discussion, featuring characters that are brilliantly written.

2. Sweet Tomorrows: A Rose Harbor Novel by Debbie Macomber

Jo Marrie is struggling to move on, after Mark Taylor left her months ago. In an effort to get over her heartbreak, she begins dating again and she finds companionship with a new boarder, Emily who is attempting to start a new chapter in her life. As the two begin to confide in each other and move forward in their lives, Mary Jo receives shocking news that could derail the all the progress she has made.

3. The Singles Game by Lauren Weisberger

What would you risk to get to the top? Charlie Silver, America’s sweetheart, has just sold her soul to the devil, also known as, the brutal tennis couch Todd Feltner. She is quickly thrust into a world of celebrity stylist, private parties, charity matches aboard luscious yachts and secret dates with Hollywood royalty. In order to survive in this new world and win big, Charlie the nice girl has to go, but is she willing to risk loosing herself in order to come out on top?

4. It Ends With Us: A Novel by Colleen Hoover

Sometimes you have to ignore what your brain is telling you and go with your heart. Lily and Ryle could not be more opposite. Lily hasn’t always had the easiest life, but it never stopped her from working hard. Ryle is stubborn, arrogant and has a strict “no dating" rule. But, when Lily finds herself as the exception to his rule, she can’t stop wondering what made him the way he is. As this burning curiosity begins to haunt her new relationship, so does her first love, who has suddenly reappeared. Now, Lily finds herself questioning everything she has built with Ryle and the love she lost long ago.

5. Rich and Pretty: A Novel by Rumaan Alam

For the past twenty years, Sarah and Lauren have been through everything together. Now, Sarah works at a charity and is meticulously planning her wedding, while Lauren is single, beautiful and working for a publishing company. The once inseparable pair has now spent a very long time apart and their underlying feelings towards one another could ruin a friendship that was meant to last forever. Will the two be able to overcome this period of silence and be the best friends they used to be?

6. Swept Away by Robyn Carr

Jennifer Chaise prides herself on the fact that she came from nothing and built a life for herself, even if she used her beauty to get to the top. But when things go awry in a Vegas hotel room one night, Jennifer knows that her only chance at safety is to create a new persona and ditch the life she worked so hard to build. As she embraces her new identity, she discovers something she lost years ago… herself.

7. Santorini Sunsets: A Novel by Anita Hughes

New York socialite, Brigit Palmer has finally arrived in breathtaking Santorini, Greece for her fairy-tale wedding to Hollywood-heartthrob, Blake Crawford. Everything is finally coming together for Brigit, that is, until she sees her ex-husband Nathaniel and discovers a gut-wrenching secret about Blake that could change everything.

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