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7 Summer Travel Reads To Binge On

As you're packing for your picture-perfect summer getaway, make sure you've got all the essentials. Passport? Check. A suitcase full of cute sun-dresses? Check. A captivating summer read? Check.

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1. Gridley Girls: A Novel by Meredith First

At one point or another, we have all had to take a few steps backwards in order to move forward. Meg Monahan was born a secret keeper and has been keeping secrets all her life. As a teenager, Meg kept secrets for all her friends, and now as an adult, she is a professional secret keeper at a high-tech company. Just before Meg hosts the wedding of her childhood best friend, a major tragedy strikes causing high-school BFFs Meg, Anne, Jennifer and Tonya to come together after many years. Even now, Meg is still keeping a secret that she never thought she would have to face, let alone share.

2. Santorini Sunsets: A Novel by Anita Hughes

Brigit Palmer is getting married to Hollywood heartthrob Blake Crawford and her picture-perfect wedding is taking place on the Greek island of Santorini. The guests are arriving and everything seems to be going smoothly, until Brigit discovers her ex-husband is the reporter from HELLO! Magazine who has been hired by Blake to write about the wedding. After making a shocking discovery about Blake, Brigit begins to question what love really is and if she might be better off alone.

3. The Light of Paris by Eleanor Brown

Madeleine is feeling trapped by her uptight family and controlling husband. She cherishes the memories she has of her grandmother’s perfect and elegant life, which she has now inherited. After discovering her grandma’s secret diary depicting the jazz social scene of Paris in her younger days, Madeline is inspired to leave her life behind and create her own Parisian summer.

4. The Summer of Good Intentions: A Novel by Wendy Francis

Three sisters along with their husbands and kids head to Cape Cod for their annual summer vacation. But the sisters are dealing with personal secrets: the desire to have another child, an unhappy marriage, and physical symptoms no one wants to talk about. An extended family under one roof, over one summer, is a recipe for drama, heartbreak, and maybe even healing.

5. With Malice by Eileen Cook

Eighteen-year-old Jill Charron is on her way to an adventurous senior trip in Italy. But when she wakes up in a hospital room with her leg in a cast, stitches and no memory of the last six weeks, it’s a race to figure out what happened before her life spirals out of control, and before the media finds out.

The Girls: A Novel by Emma Cline

It’s the end of the 1960’s in Northern California and lonely Evie Boyd doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere, until one day she notices a free-spirited and vivacious group of girls at the park. Suzanne, an older girl, quickly mesmerizes Evie and easily lures her into the circle of the soon-to-be infamous cult and the charming man who leads it. As Evie spends more time away from her normal daily life, her obsession with Suzanne intensifies and she grows closer to unimaginable violence.

American Girls: A Novel by Alison Umminger

Anna is fifteen and is done with her life at home. After taking her stepmom’s credit card and running away to Los Angeles, she is taken in by her half sister. Anna soon comes to realize life in L.A. as a teen girl may not be quite the adventure she was looking for.

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