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8 Paperback Releases To Read This Spring

In a bit of a book rut? Have no fear! These 8 paperback releases are guaranteed to refresh your readerlust and keep you glued to the page. Think of it as spring cleaning, but for your bookshelf.

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1. Hover by Anne Wilson

After her brother Ian’s tragic death, Lt. Sarah Denning joins the naval academy to follow in his footsteps, pay homage to his name, and blend in as much as possible. But pretty soon Sarah finds herself getting a little more exposure than she’d like when Lt. Eric Marxen (the object of her deeply-buried affections) appoints her as the exclusive pilot on a secret Navy SEAL mission. Pretty soon, the mission turns dangerous and Sarah realizes that she may need to conquer her feelings and fears before it’s too late.

2. Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll

Ani FaNelli seems to have a perfect life, complete with the most perfect job, the most perfect wardrobe, and the most perfect fiancé. After enduring a horrible public humiliation in prep school as a teenager, Ani feels as if all of her efforts to reinvent herself have finally paid off. But Ani has a secret, and perfect lives don’t often last long when there are secrets involved…

3. The Longest Night by Andria Williams

It’s 1959, and Nat Collier has just moved with her husband Paul to Idaho Falls, a remote military town where Paul has been assigned to help oversee one of the country’s first nuclear reactors. The move seems like a step towards opportunity and renewal, but this quickly begins to change. Army cover-ups, love triangles, and other secrets begin to invade Nat and Paul’s day-to-day life, testing their marriage in ways they never anticipated.

4. Girl at War by Sara Nović

In 1991, Ana Jurić felt the security of her childhood home in Croatia rocked by the civil war in Yugoslavia, introducing her to the harsh and dangerous realities of snipers, air raid drills, and food rations. Now, ten years later, Ana is a college student in Manhattan. Despite her attempts to move on, Ana is still haunted by the ghosts of her past. She realizes that they only thing left to do is return to Croatia and face her demons head on, despite her home’s complicated history.

5. Who Do You Love by Jennifer Weiner

Rachel Blum and Andy Ladis meet late one night in an ER waiting room when they are just eight years old. After exchanging stories, the children are each taken in a different direction, Andy to the doctor, and Rachel to bed. They assume that they’ll never see each other again. But as the years wear on, Andy and Rachel do meet…over and over and over! It seems as if they are permanently linked by fate, which always comes back to the night in the ER that changed both of their lives.

6. When I’m Gone by Emily Bleeker

Luke returns home after burying his wife Natalie of sixteen years, hoping to move on and face the challenge of raised their children without her. But then he sees a blue envelope with his name scrawled across the top in Natalie’s handwriting, and all bets are off. The letter, written on the first day of Natalie’s cancer treatment, turns out to be one of many. And as Luke grows obsessed with these handwritten glimpses into the past, he learns secrets that make him question everything he knew about his wife and family.

7. The Witness by Sandra Brown

Once the best public defender in Prosper, South Carolina, Kendall Deaton now finds herself at the hands of a chilling secret. The information that she discovers about the town turns her marriage to one of Prosper’s most powerful men into a living hell, and now Kendall finds herself completely alone. She is a reluctant witness, unsure of what else to do other than desperately try to protect her daughter from the forces around her, who will stop at nothing to keep her quiet.

8. The House by The Lake by Ella Carey

Anna is content with her simple, well-ordered life in San Francisco. But when her grandfather Marx tells Anna a long-kept family secret, this illusion is completely shattered. Marx tells Anna that she is part of an aristocratic family who lost everything in WWII, and that during the war Marx was forced to leave behind a precious item at their estate in Old Prussia. He sends Anna to Germany to retrieve the mystery item, which sends her barreling into family secrets that go deeper than she could have ever imagined.

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