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6 YA Reads to Kick Off Your Summer Reading

The air is hot, the pool is finally warm enough to dive into and you can almost hear the faint final sounds of the “school’s out” bell ringing in the near future. When preparing your leisure plans over break, keep in mind these captivating reads which will make the perfect poolside accessory for your well-deserved, relaxing summer.

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1. Within Reach by Jessica Stevens

We’re obsessing over this summer’s most epic and twisted love story that James Marsden has been raving about . At the age of seventeen, dying was the last thing on Xander’s mind, but he finds himself trapped in a realm of darkness with only thirty days to convince his girlfriend, Lila that he’s not completely dead. Lila is struggling to understand how her life got entirely flipped upside down so quickly. Lila must decide: let go to be with a boy she doesn’t love or hold on to an unreasonable thought that Xan might still be within reach...and still fighting for her.

2. Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet by Charlie N. Holmberg

If you have a sweet tooth, love magic and an adventure, you’ll be just as excited about Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet, as we are. Maire is a baker who can infuse her sweets with emotions and abilities. She has no memory of who she is or where these powers came from but when her town is raided, she meets a ghostly being who may be able to reveal secrets from her past.

3. One Paris Summer by Denise Grover Swank

For most kids, going to Paris has always been a dream. However, Sophie and her brother are dreading the thought of spending the summer in Paris with a father who abandoned them, his new wife and her daughter. Camille, their new stepsister agrees to show them around the city, but she makes it very clear that she hates Sophie. All Sophie wanted to do this summer was practice piano and prepare for the scholarship competition. However, despite her greatest efforts, it is impossible to resist the charm of Paris. Sophie meets a handsome French boy, who can help her with piano, but there is just one problem, he is Camille’s friend.

4. The Darkest Lie by Pintip Dunn

Cecilia Brooks and her mom shared everything: clothes, jokes and coded messages. At least, CeCe thought they did. After being accused of sleeping with a student, her mother killed herself and CeCe became the subject of whispers and jokes. As she approaches her senior year, CeCe plans to fly under the radar and dedicate her time to the school’s crisis hotline. When lingering suspicions begin to resurface about her mother’s death, Sam, the school’s newspaper intern, and CeCe begin to dig up clues that help uncover a dangerous twisted secret.

5. Life Before by Michele Bacon

For the last seventeen years, Xander Fife has been able to keep his troubled life and family a secret. As graduation approaches, he knows he only has to make it through this summer and then he can begin his real life in college. However, graduation day is accompanied by Xander’s worst nightmare and all his secrets are thrust into the open. With a fake ID, cash and a knife, Xander skips town and assumes that with this new identity give him a new life. However he quickly realizes that ditching the past may not be as easy as he thought.

6. Mirror in the Sky by Aditi Khorana

Haven’t you ever wondered if there is an alternate universe with life on it? Tara Krishnan, a junior at Brierly prep school, has always struggled to fit in. When a message from an alternate universe is intercepted by NASA, Tara believes that there is a better version of her living on that planet; a Tara that lives a brighter and better life. Small things in Tara’s life begin to change, and she knows that this new scientific discovery will cause everything on Earth and her life to be eternally different.

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