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6 Sexy Poolside Summer Reads

As if the temperatures weren't hot enough this time of year, we can't get enough of these sizzling reads by some of our favorite romance authors. Lay out poolside and grab your lemonade as every page leaves you wanting more.

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Hitched by Kendall Ryan

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Noah has it all. He went from being a NYC playboy to fake marrying the girl he's had a crush on his whole life, to now inheriting a hundred-billion dollar company. So where's the catch, you ask? Turns out he has ninety days to make her desire him even though she hates his guts. But wait ... there's more! The contract states that he needs to knock her up and produce an heir. Wait, what?! She can't stand being in the same room as him, let alone share a bed and have his child. He's up for any challenge, but will he succeed this time?

Dear Heart, I Hate You by J. Sterling

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Jules loved devoting everything to her work. She pictured herself living the workaholic life forever, being fine with living the single life and only needing her job to keep her cold heart alive. That was the case until one fateful day brought her to a bar where she ran into Mr. Perfect Lips. His sexy pair of hazel eyes and delicious lips were enough to stop her dead in her tracks and make her lose any sense of reality. She thought she had life all figured out, being happy with everything she had built for herself. But nothing could stop the feelings she couldn't seem to shake.

Say You'll Stay by Corinne Michaels

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What if the one who got away came back? Presley Benson lost everything the day her husband died, leaving her to raise her two boys alone after becoming a widow. But somehow she is already familiar with the idea of starting over after being left alone by her first love seventeen years ago. When he left, she had no choice but to move on and build a life, marrying Todd and becoming a mother. Now that her husband died, Presley had to move back to Tennessee to start over again. Fate intervenes and reunites her with the one that got away. But this time it's her choice to stay or to leave.

Moonshot by Alessandra Torre

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Being the daughter of a Yankee legend definitely has its perks. Dug outs become a hangout spot, the stadium becomes home, and the players are family. At seventeen, Ty Rollins has her focus entirely on the game, making Chase Sterns nothing more than a distraction. Well, a distraction she loved from the moment she saw him. She did her best to stay away, but she couldn't fight her desire. She makes decisions she wouldn't normally make. They are both young and have a lot left to learn, but is this forbidden love story worth risking their commitment to the game?

One Night by Ramona Gray

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Everything was going great for Kate Jones, until the day she stumbled upon someone on her way to work who changed her life. She knew he was everything she wanted: handsome, well spoken and someone who had the ability to light her life on fire with just one touch. That was until she ran into him right after. The man she caught watching her on the train turned out to be her new boss Edward Turner. What happens now that Kate knows how she feels about him but she has to push those feelings aside and be his legal assistant? All she wants is one night.

Last Kiss by Laurelin Paige

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For Emily Wayborn, the thought of giving into her desires is a newly awakened force. She made the decision to let badboy hotelier Reeve Sallis in, something she still wonders about. He may be mysterious and handsome, but he is equal parts deadly. Reeve is the only man who gives her the freedom to be herself even when everything else has fallen out of place in her life. He's a master secret keeper, and someone out there is making sure she doesn't find the answers she's looking for. A book full of choices to make, Emily is left with the decision to choose between her heart or her life.

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