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6 Rom-Com's That Will Have You Swooning This Fall

Looking for new reads that have your heart melting as you dive into the lives of love-struck characters and the feeling of a warm heart rushes through you? Then check out these 6 great books that will have you ugly crying the entire time.

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Unexpected Love by Kristy Kryszczak

Inez Champlain is living a fabulous life as a young Upper East Side New Yorker with her dream job as a successful beauty writer. Romance is the last thing on her mind, until she enters a love triangle that takes her heart out for a spin. She instantly becomes hooked to devilishly charming Jason Parkson...until she’s introduced to his brother Jimmy. Their feelings for one another are undeniable and their connection continues to grow. This delicious rom-com will have you snuggling up late at night with a cup of hot chocolate waiting to see if Inez will follow her heart or her mind.

In the Heart of Texas by Ginger McKnight-Chavers

Jo Randolph is a forty-one-year-old soap star who left her waitressing days in Texas behind her at eighteen. But in a matter of twenty-four hours, she manages to lose her job and all her connections in Hollywood. Oh yeah, she also burns down her director/lover’s beach home. Her agent decides it’s best for Jo to go back to Texas to reevaluate her life. Back in the very place she sought so hard to escape, Jo must face her past and learn to accept her responsibilities as an adult. This smart and humorous tale depicts the struggles of a celebrity lifestyle and not forgetting the importance of things outside of the spotlight.

So For Real by Rebekah Weatherspoon

After having the perfect wedding that so many women dream of to her billionaire husband Michael Bradbury, Kayla is living a fairytale. But of course, life always has other plans in mind. While her husband deals with the burdening responsibilities as a CEO, Kayla is experiencing problems with her own business. Not to mention she just found out she’s carrying not one, but two new additions to the Bradbury household. Kayla has to come up with a plan and fast to keep the perfect life she envisioned in tact.

How to Find Your (First) Husband by Rosie Blake

Who recalls those oh so romantic playground weddings in elementary with the sweet little boy who shared his crayons with you? Well Isobel does and just as soon as the two eight-year-olds were married, they were soon split up. Now, twenty years later her career is in the toilet and so is her love life. But then she sees her (first) husband Andrew Parker on a TV news item and starts her journey traveling the world to find him in hopes of reconciling her enthusiasm for love and a better life.

Coffee, Tea or Me? by Rich Amooi

Jack Robbins is living the good life as the owner of a very popular coffee business, that is, until Susie McKenna moves in next door. She’s the owner of the hot new tea shop that’s become the talk of the town and is ready to take Jack’s territory and steal all the customers. But when this competitive, business hungry pair have to work together to plan the downtown festival, we’ll see if this coffee addict and tea enthusiast can put aside their differences for a chance at love.

Smart Cookie by Libby Malin

Sonja Garrett is ecstatic when her Outer Banks bakery is the winner for a restaurant renovation show. She’s optimistic that her great group of friends and co-workers can get through the taping without any hassles. But when the cameras stop rolling, everything begins to go wrong. When the renovation is complete, Sonja is satisfied with the results, but they came at a price. To make matters more interesting, her assistant is falling for the show’s host. Find out if she’s able to get her way out of this sticky situation in this fun, lighthearted romance comedy.

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