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    6 Binge-Worthy Literary Books of May

    As May flowers begin to bloom, there's no better time to sit outside with a wonderful book and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. If you're looking for a book to accompany you this spring, check out these six binge-worthy May releases!

    Eden by Jeanne McWilliams Blasberg

    Becca Meister Fitzpatrick is the matriarch of her family and pillar of the community. As the proud organizer of her family's iconic summer tradition, she is shattered when she discovers her deceased husband destroyed the nest they had built. When she realizes this may be her last summer in Long Harbor, her granddaugther's boldness inspires her to reveal a secret that had long been kept: the daughter she gave up fifty years ago. Now Becca wonders how her daughter, Rachel, will react to such news. This beautifully written story explores the history of family, heartbreak and the the pain of uncovering secrets from loved ones.

    The Half-Life of Remorse by Grant Jarrett

    When two transients meet in Indiana, they have no remembrance of when their lives crossed paths years prior. Chic thinks that Sam is just a lunatic, unaware of the traumatic events that occurred that left him on the street. Chic has spent his adulthood attempting to reconcile with the crimes he committed as a teen that left Sam's wife and son dead. Sam's daughter, Claire, has not given up hope that her father will return home. This story of three converging lives is a perfect example of the struggle to forgive and the limits of love.

    Into the Water by Paula Hawkins

    The single mother of a fifteen-year-old girl turns up dead at the bottom of the river, just as a teenage girl did earlier in the summer. Now the young girl is left motherless and forced into the care of her aunt, who vowed to never return to this small town she tried so hard to run away from.

    A Small Revolution by Jimin Han

    On a morning unlike any other in the state of Pennsylvania, a gunman holds Yoona Lee and three of her classmates hostage in their dorm. The man with the gun is Yoona's friend Lloyd Kang, who's slowly unraveling after the death of his best friend and Yoona's lover, Jaesung. As the hostage situation becomes more tense, Yoona is forced to reexamine her childhood growing up in an abusive household and revisit the tragic day that took Jaesung's life in Korea.

    Against All Odds by Danielle Steel

    The success of Kate Madison's shop in SoHo has supported her and her four children since her husband's death. Now they're all adults and choosing to play against all odds. Isabelle is a dedicated attorney who falls in love with a client she is representing in a criminal case. Julie is a designer who instantly falls for a man she just met and soon marries him, leaving her job and moving to Los Angeles so they can be together. Justin is a struggling writer who is begging his partner for children even though they are not financially stable enough to support one. And Willie, the baby of the bunch, shocks his whole family with his decision with a woman twelve years younger than him. It's hard for Kate to not be able to protect her children from everything, but she knows they need room to make their own mistakes.

    The Leavers by Lisa Ko

    When Polly, an undocumented Chinese immigrant, leaves for work at the nail salon, she never returns. No one can find any trace of what happened to her, leaving her eleven-year-old son, Deming Guo distraught. With his mother gone, Deming is adopted by two white professors and renamed Daniel Wilkinson. He's moved from the Bronx to a place upstate and struggles dealing with the pressure of assimilating into his new adoptive parent's home and keeping the memory of his mom and community alive.