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5 Reads Every Hopeless Romantic Will Love

Valentine's Day isn’t for another month but there’s nothing wrong with getting in touch with your hopeless romantic side a little early. From learning to balance life as a newlywed and stepmother in Sweet Southern Hearts to a woman who gives love a second try after divorce in Summer Wedding, these romantic reads will touch your heart and lift your spirits.

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1. Sweet Southern Hearts by Susan Schild

Linny Taylor is enjoying life as a newlywed…for the third time. Her new husband Jack Avery, a handsome veterinarian, convinces her to make a white water rafting excursion part of their honeymoon. A new stepson that won’t give Linny a chance, a mother who won’t stay out of the new marriage and even more family complications teach Linny patience and sacrifice. A beautiful tale about married life, love and a real-life happily ever after.

2. The Mistress: A Novel by Danielle Steel

Seven years ago Russian billionaire, Vladimir, found Natasha freezing on a street in Moscow and since then he has offered her a life of protection and luxury. Theo Luca is the son of renowned late artist, Lorenzo Luca, who left a fortune’s worth of paintings behind that his family won’t sell. One evening, Vladimir and Natasha visit the Luca family restaurant that is decorated with the artwork. Theo, an artist himself, becomes obsessed with Natasha and paints her for weeks after they meet. Soon, Natasha begins to question whether the freedom Vladimir has given her is really freedom at all.

3. Love and First Sight by Josh Sundquist

Blind since birth, 16-year-old Will Porter is excited to be taking on public school. His first day is full of embarrassing and humorous mishaps and soon a romance develops between Will and a classmate named Cecily. When Will considers undergoing a revolutionary new procedure that could restore his vision it poses threats to his new love. Love and First Sight will leave readers thinking about real beauty and what true love really is.

4. The Summer Wedding by Lucy Kevin

Jenn Fairhurst’s rough divorce has left her wary and distrusting of love. But it hasn’t stopped her love for baking sweet treats at California wedding venue Married in Malibu. Daniel Brooker traded his life as an international photojournalist for one as a wedding photographer after his wife died. After his loss, he had given up on love, until he met Jenn. Just when Jenn is thinking of opening her heart the past threatens to shatter the new romance. This fun, flirty read will inspire everyone to leave the past and open their hearts to new possibilities.

5. My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella

Katie feels like everyone around her is living the life she wants, specifically her stylish and rich boss Demeter, a total "it girl." Just as Katie is starting to feel more confident and is on the brink of a new romance, Demeter fires her. Katie moves back home to her family's farmhouse to help them set up a vacation business. Soon Katie is surprised when Demeter turns up as a guest. A story of friendship, secrets and love, My Not So Perfect Life is a funny and heartfelt look at life behind the “perfect” pictures.

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