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    5 Must-Read Books If You Loved Grease: Live

    This weekend's amazing performance of Grease: Live has all of us wanting to break out in song and dance during our work week. Since your co-workers might give you some funny looks for your Grease spirit, here are 5 spring books you can read to let the musical magic live on.

    Start with the Backbeat by Garine B. Isassi

    Get ready to drop the beat with Garine B. Isassi's debut novel, Start with the Backbeat. Set during the 1989 New York City music scene, this is the story of a post-punk rocker named Jill trying to suceed in the rap industry at Mega Big Records. She’s a far cry from Grease’s good-girl Sandy- who transfers to Rydell High from Australia- but both characters experience some electrifying culture shock and unexpected romance.

    Why you should read it: If you love original lyrics and witty storylines you'll love this exciting debut.

    Listen to Me: A Fusion Novel by Kristen Proby

    A group of friends, a band, and a steamy romance. Tell us more, tell us more! Listen to Me is book one of USA Today bestselling author Kristen Proby's new series. The story surrounds five friends, one hot new restaurant and an unexpected love affair with a former bad boy rockstar. Seduction is the hottest place to eat in Portland, and Addison Wade is determined to keep it that way by playing live music. But when Jake Keller, a former rockstar celebrity, walks through the doors, Addison knows she's in trouble.

    Why you should read it: If you loved Rizzo and Kenickie's relationship in Grease, you'll love the story between Addison and Jake Keller.

    I'm Glad About You: A Novel by Theresa Rebeck

    Theresa Rebeck gives us those "summer night" feels with her upcoming novel I'm Glad About You. A story about a young couple who fall for each other in the most unpredictable way somehow find their way back to one another again. Go-getter Alison is destined for stardom as she sheds her Midwestern roots for the New York City spotlight. Kyle, on the other hand, stays in Ohio to continue living his ordinary life. But even if their lives have lead them down different paths, a twist of fate brings them back together again.

    Why you should read it: It's a classic Danny meets Sandy story, with a modern spin.

    Innocents and Others: A Novel by Dana Spiotta

    In Dana Spiotta's Innocents and Others, we are introduced to Carrie and Meadow, two best friends who both happen to be filmmakers in Los Angeles in the 80's. The two women are so much alike, but their views on sex, filmmaking, and morals don't exactly line up. The two find themselves in some sticky situations but tough it out the best way they know how, together. This book is a reminder that every girl needs a best girl friend to get through life's drama, even if they don't always see eye-to-eye.

    Why you should read it: Carrie and Meadow's friendship reminds us of Rizzo and Sandy's, electrifying with wit, yet totally heartfelt.

    Sweet Dreams Are Made of This: A Life in Music by Dave Stewart

    Keep the beat going with this nostalgic memoir by the legendary Dave Stewart. Sweet Dreams Are Made of This gives us an inside look behind the career and life of 80's pop-music mastermind and singer songwriter of the Eurythmics. With the forward written by Mick Jagger, you're in for a real treat with this memoir.

    Why you should read it: It's another nostalgic classic that will satisfy your inner performer.