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4 Memoirs By Women You Need To Know

There are so many untold stories from women all around the world and their daily experiences dealing with love, loss, danger, change and other challenges. Fortunately, some of these women have the opportunity to openly share their stories with the world. If you’re ready to dive head first into the lives of four women and the struggles they overcame with relentless strength, check out these amazing memoirs.

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1. Body 2.0: Finding My Edge Through Loss and Mastectomy by Krista Hammerbacher Haapala

In this story of Krista Haapala’s double mastectomy, she accounts the medical process, emotional stress and personal journey while going through her bodily change. She illustrates the sexualization of breast cancer, body image, motherhood and the darkest of times after making her decision to have a double mastectomy. This truthful and inspiring story captures the importance of taking charge of your own life as a modern woman.

2. Marrow by Elizabeth Lesser

This tale of two sisters explores what it means to be true to yourself and unapologetically love others. When Elizabeth Lesser’s sister Maggie needs a bone marrow transplant and they find out she is a perfect match for the procedure, this leads them down a road of looking at their family history and offering forgiveness. But soon they discover Maggie’s body is too weak to fight the illness and their bond grows stronger as they prepare for the inevitable. Lesser’s story uncovers how this life and death experience can offer unforeseen spiritual growth and everlasting love.

3. Juniper: The Girl Who Was Born Too Soon by Kelley and Thomas French

Juniper French was a premature baby born four months early and weighing only one pound. Her head, smaller than a tennis ball and her nearly transparent skin exposing her heart through her chest illustrate the struggle that so many families experience during premature births: choosing to save the baby or let them go. Kelley and Thomas French choose to fight for Juniper’s life and their memoir explores the boundary of what is right and what is conceivable as they marvel at the love and science that helped sustain their daughter’s life.

4. The Girl Who Beat ISIS: Farida's Story by Farida Khalaf and Andrea C. Hoffmann

During August 2014, a teenage girl named Farida was preparing to start her last year of school. Living in mountains of northern Iraq, the unexpected happened when ISIS targeted her village. The jihadists murdered her brother and father, while taking all the women as prisoners. This story tells of the rapes, beatings, the market where ISIS sold women as slaves and Khalaf’s resilience through it all. But one day her room door is left unlocked and she takes a dangerous chance, along with five other young girls, and flees for the Syrian Desert. This incredible memoir tells of the bravery and relentless fight for survival by a innocent young girl captured by ISIS.

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