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    5 Historical Mysteries for Romance Lovers

    Sometimes, you just need a book with a little bit of everything. Can’t decide between historical fiction, romance, or mystery? Why not have all three?! These books have it all, so there is no need to choose between genres. Exciting historical backdrop? Check. Scandalous mystery and suspense? Check. Budding romantic tension? Check!

    1. A Girl Like You: A Henrietta and Inspector Howard Novel by Michelle Cox

    In 1935, Henrietta Von Harmon is still reeling from the recent stock market crash and her father’s suicide, but things seem to finally be looking up when she takes a job as a taxi dancer at the local dance hall. That is, until the floor matron ends up dead. When the aloof yet handsome Clive Howard arrives to investigate the case, Henrietta agrees to go undercover for him. But as the two continue to sleuth together, Henrietta realizes that the most difficult thing to keep under wraps might be her heart.

    2. Delivering the Truth (A Quaker Midwife Mystery) by Edith Maxwell

    In 1888 Massachusetts, midwife Rose Carroll could not be happier. She loves being able to tend to mothers and newborns, even as she continues to mourn the death of her sister. What’s more, she seems to have caught the attention of a handsome doctor, which inspires giddy feelings and a rapid heartbeat. However, all of this seems to hang in the balance when a mysterious fire and two murders jar Rose’s small town. Knowing that only she can guarantee the well-being of her loved ones, Rose decides that it’s up to her to begin asking the tough questions.

    3. Time of Fog and Fire: A Molly Murphy Mystery by Rys Bowen

    Molly Murphy Sullivan’s husband has just been offered an assignment from the head of the secret service, which involves tending to President Theodore Roosevelt in a remote location. He takes the assignment without a second thought, but Molly worries for his safety. Her fears are confirmed when she receives a cryptic message from him, asking for her to join him in San Francisco. What can Molly do for her husband that the secret service can’t? It’s up to Molly to track down her beloved husband and save him just in time!

    4. Lost Among the Living by Simone St. James

    In England, 1921, Jo Manders still mourns the death of her husband Alex three years after he was shot down over Germany. Hired as a companion to Alex’s wealthy aunt Dottie, Jo travels to the family estate in Sussex, hoping for closure. What she finds on the instead are secrets linking her husband’s origins to another mysterious death in the family. And when a familiar stranger returns to Sussex, Jo finds herself even more in limbo in terms of both her head and her heart.

    5. ‘Til Death Do Us Part by Amanda Quick

    Calista Langley owns and operates an “introduction” agency in Victorian London, catering to respectable, albeit lonely members of high society. All seems well until she starts receiving deathly trinkets from a terrifying admirer. Desperate for help, Calista recruits Trent Hastings, a reclusive crime author for help. As the two search for Calista’s tormentor while fighting their inherent attraction for one another, it becomes clear that death may be the only way to satisfy the stalker.

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