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    5 Dark Literary Reads To Check Out This Winter

    If you are in New York keeping warm by the fire or in Arizona tanning by the pool, your winter will be made more interesting with these five dark reads. Get caught up in the drama of the brooding and mysterious nature of the these characters.

    One Way Down (Or Another) by Calder G. Lorenz

    A young man in San Francisco crosses boundaries he had originally deemed uncrossable. His interaction with himself and with people in his neighborhood highlights the brutality and tenderness of his nature. As he fights internal and external battles, you watch him meticulously ruin his life. This authentic narrative will have you questioning your own inner dialogue.

    A Separation: A Novel by Katie Kitamura

    After countless acts of infidelity, a married couple decides to separate with the agreement to keep it to themselves. When Christopher goes missing in Greece his wife begrudgingly agrees to look for him. As she discovers more and more about Christopher and herself, the suspense comes to a breaking point. Considered the literary Gone Girl by The Millions, you won't want to put this book down.

    The Housekeeper: A Novel by Suellen Dainty

    After her boyfriend, and coincidentally her boss, cheats on her, Anne Morgan is desperate for something new. When Emma Helmsley, England's version of Martha Stewart, is in need of a housekeeper, Anne jumps at the opportunity. Though Emma's lifestyle books and blog give the illusion of a perfect life, Anne soon discovers she'll be cleaning up after more than the house. Both Emma and Anne's long-buried secrets threaten to break down the perfect façade Emma has crafted. This psychological thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.

    A Piece of the World: A Novel by Christina Baker Kline

    A story about burdens and blessings, Christina Olson works at her family's remote farm in Maine and lives a simple life until the painter shows up. This historical fiction story inspired by Andrew Wyeth’s painting Christina’s World will leave you breathless.

    The Orphan's Tale: A Novel by Pam Jenoff

    After getting impregnated by a Nazi Soldier, Noa's baby is taken from her and she is cast from her home. She lives above a rail station where she cleans for her keep. One day she discovers a boxcar of Jewish infants being sent to a concentration camp. With memories of her taken child she grabs a baby without thinking. She joins a German circus, and must learn the flying trapeze act to blend in. Enemies become friends in this novel of secrets, as Noa fights to keep her new baby safe.

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